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Reconciliation Room

St Richard's new Reconciliation room was completed to conform to child protection regulations, but Fr Kieron realised that the plain glass panels needed to offer some privacy, perhaps by enhancement. He commissioned Majella Taylor, a parishioner and professional glass designer, to provide engraved images on each panel and where necessary from floor to ceiling.

Majella drew on skills from the parish of Billingshurst/Pulborough, and co-opted a team of engravers, some skilled, others learning on the project. Leading them were Anthony Watts from Billingshurst and Majella herself. The team was drawn from members of the Billingshurst parish and included Nora Castagne, Caroline Massey and David Blower of Midhurst parish.

Majella's dramatic concept symbolically shows the Alpha and Omega, and complements the existing Loire glass in style and design.The outline was projected onto a white fablon sheet, called a resist, adhering to the window. The five men and women drew and cut the design into the plastic.

They completed the work with a fine sand gun, powered by compressed air, which followed the image and removed the spoil. Majella showed the finished work to Bishop Kieran. Tony Watts engraved the team's names on a panel.

The writer Rosemary Treherne, also from Billingshurst, notes that ' the church has another outstanding piece of ecclesiastical art that it can be justly proud of. Glass engraving has a two dimensional beauty that dates back to Roman times and the team's project is in the top rank of this classical tradition.'

The team donated their fees to a children's home St Michael's in Kampala, Uganda. The 86 children, no doubt, enjoyed additional Christmas treats. '