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Flower Arrangers

The leader of the Flower Arrranging Team at St. Richard's is Mrs. Pat Ware: "The 16 ladies and one gentleman who at present make up the Flower Arranging team enjoy enhancing our modern church with flowers."

"In teams of two we take our turn and approximately 5 times a year we are to be found either in the main church or the Blessed Sacrament Chapel applying our skills."

"With a weekly allowance we buy our flowers mainly from Chichester Market and set to work. On special feasts we try to fill the church with more flowers and we are often asked to arrange pedestals and larger displays for weddings."

"Flower Arranging is a very satisfying hobby and the results of our labours are much admired by the congregation."

"Occasionally a practice morning is arranged which is open to all present members of the Team, and indeed, anyone from the Parish. This is usually a very informal Saturday morning, which the participants find interesting and often amusing, as they are given hints and advice on the basics of Flower Arranging."

"We would welcome anybody interested in joining our Team. Experience is not necessary. We all just do our best and the results are appreciated!"

Pat Ware, 782180

In July 2006 Pat organised the Flower Festival at St Richard's, as part of the Chichester Festivities: see St Richard's Flower Festival. and Corpus Christi 05