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St Richard's in the Chichester Festivities - 2006


For a week the church was the centre for our Flower Festival, a much visited venue for presentations and events as our first entry to Chichester Festivities.

Fr Thomas aimed to open up St Richard's to the city and encourage people to visit - timely in view of the church's imminent listing. The ambitious project was months in the planning.

Complementing the banks of flowers, Fr Thomas provided an attractive wall display showing the history of the universal Church. On the altar and the wall panels were cherished relics.

He was supported by Patricia Ware, Julia Janiec, Jean French and Paula Barrett, with John Griffiths for photography. They were backed up by stewards and the refreshment team. Fr Thomas noted that several visitors had shown an interest in the Catholic faith.

There are three separate sections to this event - first, the Flower Festival, second, the lunchtime presentations (featuring The History of Vestments), third, Solemn Vespers.

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