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Cawley Road Street Party

As the wedding bells rang down at Westminster Abbey, work went ahead for our celebration Street party at Cawley Road.

The road was closed, tables were brought from the parish rooms, and a team from Christ Church worked with St Richard's to plan games for children, and assemble delicious food.

Residents from Cawley Road and around were delighted to have all this on their doorsteps.

A bright wind group, including the Opposite Sax Quartet, played the National Anthem and we recited the Royal Wedding Prayer to launch the party.

The tables were laid out with an array of tempting dishes - buns customised with K and W icing.

Soon Helen Floyd led on Dick's Sticks - and they joined in the dancing with their eager young watchers.

Father John Healy was enjoying his first social with St Richard's.


A pop group - Sam and Alice O'Hanlon sang

Then - a dramatic arrival -

The Mayor of Chichester came in a 1921 Model T Ford, courtesy Jeanette Crane. (Henry Ford offered 'any colour you like as long as it's black') .

Councillor the Right Worshipful Michael Whooley was ending his mayoral year, and enjoyed a social hour.

Maria believes that social outreach is an important mission for Christians - following Pope Benedict's suggestions on his visit last year. Those who never enter the church built in their road, might well remember the welcoming spirit they enjoyed at this celebration.

And there was one last act - The Mayor planted a tree in memory of the Day. Two charities will benefit from this event - Stonepillow and Sussex Snowdrop Trust. And everyone will surely remember this lively ecumenical close to the royal wedding day.