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Canon Fogarty Visits The Seniors' Club

On September 18th Mrs Norah Longlands welcomed Canon Dermod Fogarty to their monthly afternoon meeting. He was Chairman of the Board of Managers of St Richard’s School when Mrs. Longlands was Head Mistress.

Canon Fogarty was Parish Priest at St Richard’s from 1965-1980. (In our website 'tour' he describes his first visit to the former temporary Chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption and building the new chapel there.)

He met the Seniors’ Club enthusiastic team of helpers (left to right – Kay Howlett, Norah Longlands, Maureen Buck, Joan Ryder, Meg Allen)

Canon Fogarty spoke on “The Papacy”. His clear and resonant voice was well remembered by many in his audience. Even at 83, he is still very active in Diocesan matters – and in demand as a speaker.

The Seniors’ Club has been replaced by "The Event" publicised in the Bulletin.

Sadly, Norah Longlands died in July 2006. She was well respected by several generations of parishioners as our first head teacher at St Richard's School. May she rest in peace.