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Family Mass and Picnic 2003

Set between St Richard's school, a bouncy castle, nursery school furniture and St Richard's church - the Family Mass on the school's playing field brings together four hundred parishioners for worship, picnic and family fun

The school field is arranged for the day by a volunteer team working from early morning. There are tents for the musicians and the gifts table, with a shelter against expected showers. But the weather remains bright and breezy.

The choir and musicians come from our three churches, led by Ann and Tim Hudson. The singers are - (l-r) Ann, Susan, Kay, Paula, Sandra, Sabrina, Kevin, Paul, Daniel
The instrumentalists are Ruth, Peter (guitars) Heather, Becky, Sharon, Tim

The theme for the day - set in the first reading (by Patsy Cox) - "the remnant of my flock I will gather and I will raise up shepherds to look after them".

There are special settings of Psalm 23 - sung by Gaby Pritchard

"Because the Lord is my shepherd"

Because the Lord is my shepherd,
I have everything I need.
He lets me rest in the meadow and
leads me to the quiet streams.
He restores my soul and he leads me
in the paths that are right:

Lord, you are my shepherd,
you are my friend.
I want to follow you always,
just to follow my friend.

"Text used by kind permission of Decani Music. Permission to use the music can be obtained from Susan Deane -"

The chairman of the Finance and Buildings Committee, Kevin Jamieson, from Bosham, gives the second reading.

"Christ Jesus is the peace between us and has made the two into one."

A poignant moment for Deacon David, who reads the Gospel for the last time at this annual Mass.

"He saw a large crowd; and he took pity on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd and he set himself to teach them at some length."

The homily by Fr Kieron relates to the keynote theme in "The Bulletin":

"We can no longer afford to devolve all the functions of the "shepherd" to the priest, indeed it is arguable whether we ever could"... this involves active participation in the life of the Church"....

The procession of the gifts includes the welcome presence of Julia Janiec, convalescing after her treatment in hospital.
The consecration of bread and wine illuminates the words of Pope John Paul II in his latest encyclical:

"For over a half century, every day, eyes have gazed in recollection upon the host and the chalice, where time and space in some way "merge" and the drama of Golgotha is re-presented in a living way, thus revealing its mysterious 'contemporaneity' ".

For the special version of 'The Lamb of God', a young soloist gives her first open air performance:

Jesus, Lamb of God and source of life;
Jesus, loving bearer of our sins:

Refrain (sung by all)
Hear our prayer, have mercy;
Hear our prayer, have mercy;
Give us your peace.

Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man;
Jesus, true redeemer of the world:

Jesus, Lord of life and Lord of light;
Jesus, here in form of bread and wine:

"Text used by kind permission of Decani Music. Permission to use the music can be obtained from Susan Deane -"

The procession after Mass was followed by the picnic with families and friends enjoying an afternoon of unbroken sunshine.

David and Mary Boyd are preparing for the move back to Scotland - after 25 years in the South. (There will be more about David and Mary in future editions of this web site).

A breeze wafted the barbecue's tempting aromas over the picnickers. They were served two hundred items by the Social committee's catering team.

Creative artwork displayed by Paula and Suzie Hellyer, with Joseph, Daniel and Joe Finn.

Keith McNally and family

Thuy La and family

Maureen and Kevin Grant (cantor) with Ruth Keely and Peter Green (guitarists)

The conjurer defies gravity with water magic

The jug is filled with water, a card on top stops spillage

Safely watertight on the victim's head, the card can be removed

A funnel proves the point - water from the jug will be pumped by a volunteer

QED - Applause - don't try this at home!!!

As the picnickers went home - members of the volunteer group began stacking the chairs - striking rostrums and packing tents. Their needs are clear - NEXT YEAR CAN THERE BE MORE HELPERS PLEASE. Contact Parish Office.