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New parishioners welcome evening 2003

A warm welcome on a fine Spring evening greeted newcomers. It was also a get-together for group leaders who arrange our Parish's lively social activities.

Father Kieron, Fr Peter and Deacon David spent the evening keeping up to date with lay colleagues - and getting to know our new parishioners. The evening was organised and catered for by the Social Group - there in strength!

Judy, Roger, Fr Kieron, Michael Oliver & Richard

Father Peter with Nicolas and Annette Moyart

Mick Finn (Chairman of Social Group) with Ziggi Janiec - presided in a key position to meet everyone.

Penny Finn - also of the Social Group with Meg Allan

Jim Boyd (RIP 2006) (r) represented the KSC

Tina was welcomed by Michael Oliver (centre) who is not only our senior chef from the Social Group but is also a key figure in the website team. Richard Oliver also lends a hand.

Mrs. Barbara Morris, President, Union of Catholic Mothers, with Joan Ryder (UCM)

Gina Poulter of the Catholic Bible School with Clare Apel (Christian Care Association) and Denisa

Martin and Mary Downy, Pastoral Planning Group

Deacon David Boyd with Pat Rang (ECIA Programme) and Christine Pierce