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Successful Christmas Sale for Mercy House

A zestful team laid out the parish rooms with attractive gifts – all donated – to benefit Mercy House in Johannesburg. The supporters flocked in and the team raised £1200 clear to support Diana Beamish and her team of volunteers.

It takes a big team to get great results -

Penny, and Mick Finn, with Judie McGregor were in the forefront of a successful event.

Lucy worked creatively – and her subjects rivalled Father Christmas with cool facial decoration.

On the first evening Mercy House came on the line – Diana Beamish was delighted to know that St Richard’s was running the second fund raising effort this year. This would help provide essential development for the mission and encourage all Diana’s volunteers by knowing that good friends at St Richard's in England would maintain their support.

Diana’s photo was on the wall, with her team and pictures of young newcomers to the mission.

They are cheerful survivors of violent horrors in Sudan, and from other tragic conflicts in Africa. To help them, Mercy House attracts talented volunteers with a wide range of skills.

The mix of attractions was traditional – the raffle, tombola, goodies, Christmas fare, gifts. So was the generosity!

Upstairs, objets d’art, bric a brac, fine books – all going well.

There were a good many local winners – including our newcomer, Fr Thomas.

And there was help for some local English charities: goods remaining were donated to Oxfam, St Richard’s school (for their sale) and for other good causes including the Scouts.

Diana emailed a progress newsletter with her thanks to St Richard’s for their timely generosity.