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FÍte in aid of Workaid World

The marathon runner Elizabeth Breeze was in action again - in charge of children's games. (She's standing, left.)

Geoff Breeze was successful with the tombola - raising over £300. Despite the attractions of the beach on a hot and sunny day residents and visitors came - enjoyed themselves - and contributed to an excellent total.
The fete is an annual success story - thanks to planning by the committee, who even look for a week with high tides to induce visitors to leave the beach for an hour or two. A winning formula today.

Whisky tombola

The gross takings were £1,600 on the day: with some previous donations this went up to £2,200. There were about £400 expenses - e.g. the bouncy castle - always a favourite.

Bouncy castle

Gill Breeze and Gina Edwards staffed the bookstall - more reading for the Witterings beach?
A traditional stall with Monica Heath, Sylvie Harwood and the plants and produce - plus a satisfied customer.
Patrons dug deep into their pockets, then some wended their way back to the beach to sunbathe. The tombola might well lay on supplies of suncream for next year if global warming keeps up!
David and Sue Field were particularly pleased - David is Pastoral Parish Council Hon. Treasurer...£1800 nett is a remarkable total for the fete - congratulations to Geoff and the committee.
Half the profits (about £900) will go to a charity called WORKAID WORLD - to provide refurbished tools to the third world for the cultivation of their own crops. This was requested by parishioner Peter Harper, who is active for the charity.

Crowd Games Crowd

Inside church

The successful Summer Fete had an unusual sequel after Mass at St Peterís. Fifty per cent of the profits were donated to the Workaid World Charity. This was at the request of Peter Harper, a summer visitor to his holiday home at West Wittering and a welcome visitor to St Peterís church. Peter is a generous cash donor helping to kick start the preparation process of the annual fete.

The Pastoral Parish council (writes Geoffrey Breeze) readily agreed to divide the profits from the Fete equally for the church funds and as a donation to Peterís charity, Workaid World, that provides refurbished tools to the third world.

At the end of the 9.00 am Mass on Sunday 28th September, on behalf of the PPC, Fr. Kieron OíBrien presented a cheque of £1,000 to a very happy and pleased Peter Harper.



For many years, St Peterís has used the proceeds of the fete to finance much needed work in and around the church and also to support local charities and schools. Workaid World provides refurbished tools to the third world. In this way, although relying to a certain extent on help of the developed nations, the population is encouraged to work for themselves, become self sufficient in providing for themselves. By doing so, they gain many practical skills and much more importantly, they gain self-respect.

If you are able to help, Workaid World will be very pleased to accept any of the following, in good condition capable of refurbishment:

Sewing Machines - Singer manual and treadle. Any make of electric zigzag, which provide complete foot control.

Knitting Machines - must be complete with instruction book. Please telephone first to check requirements.

Dressmaking / Knitting accessories - Fabrics, wool, zip etc. However, if in large quantities, please telephone first to check.

Typewriters - Standard desktop, both manual and electric. Large portables, electronic typewriters (if in working order and with instruction booklet)

Duplicators - Gestetner Models in 300 and 400 series only.

Horticultural tools - for digging and cultivating, billhooks, sickles. (No lawnmowers, powered garden machinery/tools, shears fan-shaped rakes)

Spanners - Spanners, metric preferred, A/F acceptable. Open-ended and ring spanners. All adjustable spanners are acceptable.

Mechanical & Vehicle Maintenance Tools - All required including screw jacks. (No hydraulic jacks, parts for specific models).

Clothing - lightweight only, for all ages.

Workaid World will also accept and supply tools and accessories for the following trades: - Shoemaking & Leatherwork, Plumbing, Electrical and Blacksmiths.

For more information about current needs, please telephone Ray Richards on 01494 765506.