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St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

On Friday 19th March by courtesy of St Joseph over 45 parishioners from The Wittering, Chichester and Bosham celebrated St Patrick’s Day and enjoyed an evening of enjoyable entertainment in St Peter’s Hall.  Hot food was brought in and jacket potatoes were prepared on site and served from St Peter’s kitchen.

St Peter's Irish Folk Group

Quiz time

Entertainment was provided by St Peter’s Irish Folk Group singing popular Irish songs.  A quiz prepared by Maric Grabowski was arranged for the interval and where learned a great deal of information regarding Irish traditions, customs and historical characters.  The evening was round off with a further selection of Irish Folk Songs. The event rose over £140.00 which was donated to Options.

Members of the Irish Folk Group
Joe O' Sullivan
Terry O' Hara
Mike "O' Thompson"
Geoff "O' Breeze"
Chris "O' Jenkinson"
Dominic "O' Whitehouse"
Brendan "O' Martin"
Tony "O' Gallagher"
Maric "O' Grabowski"