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'Pieta' on display at St Peter's

St Peter’s Church is proudly displaying a clay model of 'Pieta', by local sculptor John Fenney.

John Fenney took up sculpture some 15 years ago after retiring from a professional life in education, as a lecturer and an administrator, in many countries in Africa and in England.

He carves in stone and models in clay. The clay models are either fired to produce a unique piece of work or cast in bronze or bronze-resin. His interests would be described as traditional, being inspired by Michaelangelo and Rodin, and latterly Bruno Lucchesi. His love of music and sculpture led to him producing two different busts of Beethoven and one of Rodin.

The Pieta has been undertaken by many famous sculptors, notably Michaelangelo, who produced several including the masterpiece now displayed in St. Peter’s, Rome. It is a subject full of great depth and inner-feeling and uniquely, combines a mood of anguish and solace.

John is pleased that his Pieta is displayed in what could be called its ‘natural’ setting – a church. It is there for an indefinate period.

Geoffrey Breeze