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New Cross for St Peter's

New Processional Cross

"Sunday 13th November was the day that our new processional cross was used for the first time in our beautiful little church. The new brass cross, showing the crucified Lord, has been presented to the church by an anonymous parishioner. It has a new heavyweight brass container in which the cross proudly stands when on the Sanctuary.

The cross was blessed at the beginning of Mass by our parish priest, Fr. Kieron O’Brien. It replaces the small wooden version that has served the church well for years.

The church is slowly being refurbished having had all the old noisy chairs replaced with substantial wooden benches.

These have been reclaimed from a nearby church which unfortunately has had to close.

Our anonymous donor thought that the new cross was more in keeping with the church’s new décor.

It is more prominent than the old one and complements the ambience of the church very well. We think its larger size contributes greatly to the liturgical nature of the Mass and is a stronger reminder of the sacrifice that Christ made for us."