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Elizabeth Breeze

Elizabeth Breeze regularly attended Mass at St Peter's. An ex-pupil from St Richard's Primary School and St Philip Howard High School, Elizabeth is now living and working as a schoolteacher in Derby. Elizabeth completed the London Marathon with an excellent time of 4 hours and 16 minutes. Her aim was to raise money for meningitis research with a target figure of 1,500.00. She is very grateful to all her friends at St Peters for kindly sponsoring her and hopes to see many of you during the summer break. With their generous help Elizabeth easily exceeded her target by achieving a final figure of 2,273.50.

The Meningitis Trust wrote: "well done for raising an amazing amount which will go towards our three main aims of raising awareness, providing support and funding research. We are very grateful for all the effort you have put in. We do hope you may wish to do something with the Trust in the future."

Elizabeth graduated in English and Sports Science at Loughborough University and stayed on to do her PGCE. She is now in her second year as a teacher of English. Last year the head of her department contracted meningitis, fell into a coma and tragically died several weeks later. Hence the reason for her running in the marathon, in order to raise money for meningitis research. Elizabeth also took part in a great fundraising event earlier this year to raise money for the same charity.