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Activities & Pictures

Features are listed roughly in reverse chronological order.

Click Crowning of Mary
Click Pilgrimage to Medjugorje to help fight pancreatic cancer
Click Summer Songs of Praise 2010
Click St Peter's May fete 2010
Click St Patrick's Night Celebrations
Click St Peter's Fete 22nd August 2009
Click 'Pieta' on display at St Peter's 2009)
Click Wittering churches together 2009
Click St Peter's Fete 16th August 2008
Click New Seafarer Centre for Portsmouth April 08)
Click Parish Pastoral Council (March 2008)
Click St Peter's Fete 13th August 2006
Click Consecration of St Peter's 13th June 2006
Click Walk of Witness (April 2006)
Click New Cross for St. Peter's (21.12.05)
Click The Apostleship of the Sea (18.4.05)
Click Easter (5.4.05)
Click CaFe (Catholic Faith Exploration) (25.5.04)
Click RCIA celebration (21.5.04)
Click Summer fete for Workaid World
Click Elizabeth Breeze's marathon success - 2003