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CaFe (Catholic Faith Exploration) – launched at St Peter’s

CaFe was introduced to St Peter’s at the Witterings before Easter. It is a process by which Catholics can explore their faith in a relaxed atmosphere leading to the development of small faith sharing groups within the parish.

Geoffrey Breeze reports: “We have just completed the four session programme with the final talk on God's Hope. All of the sessions were run with John Edwards as MC. Three pairs of presenters were used throughout the talks, Mary and Leon de Brunner, Sue and David Field, and Linda Jolly plus myself. The use of different presenters each week helped to make the process more interest and varied.

The modules consist of video tapes, which fit into school terms, and are designed to be run by lay people under the guidance and authority of the parish priest. Fr. Kieron gave his blessing to the Wittering initiative. The programme will help Catholics become more enthusiastic about their faith, grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, draw new life from the Sacraments and from Scripture and encourage them to share their faith with others. The groups will also build up the parish community.

The whole thing is done in a relaxed candlelit atmosphere, with food and wine available (not in abundance however). They are prayerful and powerful. Each session runs over a period of seven weeks. The videos are professionally prepared and presented by expert speakers. The process is becoming very popular and has been successfully presented in many parishes throughout the UK.

We have already planned the next two modules. The next session will start in the middle of October and it has been timed to end at Advent. Similarly the session after that will start in February and again is timed to finish at the start of Lent. In this way we will not be interfering with any other programmes devised by the parish or the diocese during these important seasons of the church year.”

CaFe will come to St Richard’s soon – watch the bulletin for the date!