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Paul and Emily's Wedding

The long wait was finally over

Paul writes: "After journeying with each other for two years, being engaged for 8 months, on Monday 25th of April 2011 at 12.30pm my beautiful wife Emily walked down the isle of St Richard’s Catholic Church in Chichester with her father Chris on her left arm in a pure white dress laced, with her hair being half up half down and a face that gleamed,

She was meeting a very nervous kiwi man that was dressed in a black suit with tails, gold waist coat, gold cravat and had sweaty palms which truly proved that this was a big moment!! That it was…

Fr Kieron and Fr Mike (family priest) presided over the mass with readings from Tobit 8: 4b - 8, Ephesians 5:2a, 25 - 32 and Mark 10: 6 - 9, we had our amazing friends from a prayer group we attend to at St Joseph’s in Brighton play the music and at the time of the vows we publicly announced our love for each other and before God, although it was quite funny when we both held the rings, both of us had slippery hands which made holding them quite hard!! Or that I jumped the gun in wanting to kiss Emily before Fr Mike said that we could kiss!! I think I was quite overwhelmed by of how amazing she looked.

After all the photos outside the Church and both being in the hot sun for quite a while, we made out way to the reception at The Venue where we had an afternoon English tea party, with tea sets that we had brought and collected throughout the duration of being engaged.

Cakes, biscuits, tea and coffee were served to feed the masses (about 150 people!!). Chris her father made an emotional speech, I thanked everyone and presented to everyone my beautiful wife and Derek (my best man) had the last laugh reminding me that every answer to Emily from now on should be… Yes dear!! Once all the food was eaten it was time for the first dance, where Emily and I danced to ‘Everything’ by Michael Bubble and then were joined by the parents and the bridal party. My uncle John with his wife Jenny, their children plus the help of Mike my brother on the African drum played a set of songs and then we had an Irish Ceilidh that was played by our friends who played at the wedding mass.

At 7pm it was time to leave to have a breather in which we decided to stop off at the Bishops Garden, the sun was setting and we found ourselves to be the only ones there!!

We walked around and were able to get some amazing photos of each other and of just Emily in her stunning dress.

The last event of the evening was a close family dinner at her mum and dad’s place were both our families could chat about the day, see photos, laugh and take in what had just happen,

The food was cooked by a local chef from local foods and it was incredible and all of it tasted amazing, I had never in my life had so amazing roast potatoes!! It was now 11pm we both had started out in the morning quite early, I think Emily was a lot earlier than me, and so it was time to go and conclude what was one of the most amazing days of our lives. For the honeymoon I had pre-booked a house for a week in a place called Cheadle near the peak district, we rested and of course on the Friday of that week we watched another wedding but I have to say that I truly married the one and only princess!! Thank you to all those who celebrated this special day with us and special thanks go to Fr Kieron and Fr Mike who presided over the Mass and Fr Tony and Fr Paul who concelebrated with them.