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St Richard's Youth - Meet and Greet March 2011

On the 2nd Sunday of Lent 2011 the youth of this parish community were brought together again at the parish's second Meet and Greet to celebrate being young, Catholic and life. As per last time, in November, it started off with creating sandwiches.

Once the feeding frenzy was over it was time to get the Group activities sorted.

The first group assignment was to tell each other their name and three truths and one lie so a whole lot of discussion took place, were they lying or not??

Some were better liars than others!!

The next group activity was called ‘Oh My Mummy!!’ This is where one of the group had to stand in the middle then have the group wrap him/her in toilet paper all the way to the end -

once it was finished and hopefully not break the toilet paper in doing so (for both groups that didn’t really go down so well) they then have to wrap the toilet paper back to its original state,

and the winning group was the group that had the closest looking roll! Have a look at the end result for yourself

The last group activity was called ‘Paul’s Tiki Tour of Chichester’ Paul had taken photos of famous places around Chichester but instead of just showing the photo in its full size it was zoomed up to a part of it and the groups had to figure out what they were, some were challenging and others were easy peasy!!

After all the activities where completed and all the sweets where eaten, Paul Andrewartha continued to inform them of what’s going on out there for the young people and present them the idea of the them as the young people of the parish to lead a mass on 9th of July 6pm with BBQ afterwards. The Meet and Greet would take place and lead into the Mass.

For part of this preparation Paul was able to bring in his friend called John who is a youth worker in Brighton, originally from Berkhamsted.

John led the young people in finding out new Christian music that can be sung at mass and liturgies, our own Ruby Kane from Bosham shared a song called beautiful by Phil Wickham and sung it for us. It was truly beautiful we are truly blessed to have her part of the parish community.

This workshop helped us to lead into the closing liturgy where we sang the Song: Strength with Rise by Brenton Brown and Ruby sang ‘Beautiful’ again. Paul then set out a challenge to the young people about what Lent is really about, which is allowing a ‘spring time’ to work in their lives to maybe really think about what they can give up or take up or do both over this amazing season of the church. But in the end there has to be a reason why doesn’t it lead me closer to God and having a stronger faith in him? Or am I doing it to punish myself or just doing it because I have to do it?

Here are some of the quotes from teens that attended:
‘I liked the fact we can see each other and do some praise and adoration, the prayer/reflection time is a good idea because it gives us time to reflect on day and fun we had’
'I liked today because when we did the games then into the singing and then I liked the prayer’
‘Was very good, enjoyed the music. Good ‘get to know you’ section and enjoyed the quiz’

The Parish Youth Ministry thanks all who were involved in serving the young people of this parish grow in faith hope and love and of course Life!! Bring on the 9th of July!! If you would like to offer your help in the next ‘Meet and Greet’ or with anything else that is happening in the youth ministry please let the Youth Coordinator know: 07747438431 or