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Faith, Exploration. Away Day 2011

The Faith Exploration started in amazing fashion with an Away Day at Our Lady’s of the Assumption in Bosham; it was an incredible and very hot day, most likely one of our last summery days before winter! This day was a chance for all to be together as a group for the first time.

This year we have 26 undertaking the course, a record number for the parish!!

First Session: Looking back at their own faith journey

In this time they were invited to draw, create, write down their own personal journey of faith so far, e.g. baptism, church events, significant moments, God moments, achievements etc…

This gave them a chance to first look back where they have been and how God has already been part of their lives.

Second Session: Faith

Having a faith is a hard issue for all Christians, trying to believe in what you cannot see is not only hard for Adults today but even harder for teenagers when we live in a ‘culture of seeing is believing’, within this time the teenagers were invited to participate in a game which involved trust!!

And looked at the Nicene Creed in which the Church lays its foundation of faith upon it and believes every word so that we in turn can have a faith in which we grow from.

Once they had gone through different sections of the Creed, we then tested them for their lunch!!

Lunch Time

The lunch time walk was incredible, we walked down to the Bosham Church green near the water front, the place was teeming with people enjoying the sun, the boys played some football and the girls rested under the trees of out in the sun. On the way back some visited the old Church and most stopped off for a well earned ice cream!!

We nearly saw a mini go for a swim!

Third Session: Community

In the afternoon the group looked at community, they were asked first what communities they were already part of (out of choice or not?) and then in their groups asked four different questions.

  • What makes up a community?
  • Why communities are important?
  • What happens to communities stop working?
  • What are the responsibilities of a community?
  • The teens came up with some incredible answers, but then were challenged to go back into their groups and create their ‘ideal community’ which also had some awesome answers and also had some very interesting answers…

    The Day ended with a final reflection where we brought the whole day together in prayer and we asked them to see this 'time of being in the faith exploration' is a time to create their faith and foundation on a rock as Jesus has told us, as this rock will not move but will always be there for you to build upon…