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Open Parish Meeting
5th May 2009

Open Parish Meeting Minutes - Tuesday 5th May, 7.30pm

1. Kevin Jamieson (Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting

2. Fr Royston – Opening Prayer

3.Introduction to the Parish Coordinating Group – Geoff Breeze

  • The group was set up in Oct 2007.
  • It coordinates the liturgical, pastoral & social life of the Parish (all 3 churches).
  • It is made up of both clergy, 2 representative’s from Bosham and the Wittering’s and 3 from Chichester. The secretary is Becky Sleven. GB showed a photograph of the current members for information and recognition.
  • The term of office is 3 years but this is staggered to maintain continuity.
  • The meetings are held every 4 – 6 weeks and rotated between the 3 churches. The meetings are announced in advance through the Parish Newsletter.
  • Guests are invited to join the group for information.
  • The minutes are available on the website.
  • Recent results of the Group have been the Revised Census form, the updated Newsletter layout, Advent & Lent services and Adult Formation. The recent Lent Course has been the most successful outcome.
  • The next meeting is 26th May 2009.
  • 4. Finance Report – Gerry Farrell

    Please also read the updated Financial Report in Parish/admin and note the paras 1.&2.

  • GF requested that those with financial queries please direct them through the Parish Office/Finance so that he could give them accurate information.
  • Income for 2007 was £145K, 2008 was £197K. The £50k increase was due to a legacy. (Please see the notes 1 & 2 shown on the Financial report for 20081
  • The main streams of income are Tax rebates via Gift Aid of £18.3K, Chaplaincies of £8.4K and other minor monies from Bank Interest, Repository.
  • The largest stream by far is Offertory Collection. GF explained the merits of Gift Aid and how a large amount of the plate collection is not Gift Aided.
  • GF queried whether people had reviewed their Standing Orders over the last few years.
  • Expenditure in 2007 was £137K and 2008 £185K. The increase was due to major maintenance in St Richard’s and Bosham.
  • £8.5K from the Year 2000 fund had been made available to the Parish towards these expenses.
  • GF anticipated the total cost of the re-ordering works to St Richard’s to be in the region of £77K. £21K of this had been cost incurred in setting up the project i.e. Architects fees and the acquisition of various permissions etc.
  • The money from the sale of the Nutbourne Chapel, previously ring fenced, was now being used to fund these developments.
  • Finally, GF told the group the Year 2000 fund was worth £233K in May 2007. It fell steadily and over a period of 17 months lost £83K. However, from Oct 2008 it had been rising and stands at £176K, an increase of £26K.
  • 5. Update on St Richard’s Development – Keith McNally

  • KM explained the process to date. Phase 1 was complete pending satisfactory completion of the Sanctuary floor.
  • Other improvements were discussed i.e. Lighting to the Main Church, commissioning a new Ambo to be sited on the other side of the Altar, changing the glass in the doors of the main Church to plain rather that frosted and moving the Crucifix from above the porch to the clock tower.
  • 6. Bosham Project – Marion Coombes-Shrubb

  • The management of the project has been passed to the Finance Committee who were conducting an appraisal of each option.
  • The Bosham community have raised £8K with the Parish Finance Committee pledging £25K.
  • The total cost is expected to be in the region of £40K but there is the possibility of a local S106 Grant available.
  • 7. Youth Worker – Fr Kieron

  • Fr Kieron reported that the parish had received a substantial legacy and that rather than invest in more “bricks and mortar” he would like to employ a Youth Worker. Possibly part-time, 3 or 4 days a week over 5 years.
  • He was in discussion with the Diocese.
  • The proposal was met with unanimous support from the group.
  • Fr Kieron thanked Martin Downy and Becky Montieth for their work with the youth of the parish. Both had been attending a course. More volunteers were needed however.
  • 8. Cabrini Children’s Society – Fr Kieron

  • There had been some concern about whether we should be supporting the Society. He informed the group that any collections had been ring fenced for non – adoption works.
  • The Ethics Group has organised a dedicated meeting on 17th September 2009 with the Director of the Cabrini Children’s Society to discuss any concerns.
  • 9. Deanery Partnership Day – Brian Pointer

  • This was an initiative from the Deanery Meeting of Heads of Schools within the Deanery to share ideas and resources.
  • It was well attended from all schools within the Deanery and as result further meetings are planned to look at other areas.
  • Fr Kieron listed all the Churches in the Deanery for the Group. There is an issue with the more rural parishes.
  • 10. KJ drew the meeting to a close with a prayer from Fr Kieron.