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Schedule of Meetings - First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation 2010/11

Please note:
The childrens' meetings will all start at in the lower Parish Rooms (Chichester)

Parents' meetings in the lower Parish Rooms at St Richard's, Chichester

Mass at St Richard's at 10am
Mass at Our Lady of the Assumption at 11 am

* Please note two changes to the list of dates:

Parents' Introductory Meeting Monday 20th September

Children's First Meeting (Parish Rooms) Saturday 25th September
Rite of Welcome Mass Sunday 26th September

Children's Second Meeting Saturday 6th November
Mass Sunday 7th November

Children's Third Meeting Saturday 20th November
Mass Sunday 21st November


Children's Fourth Meeting Saturday 15th January
Mass Sunday 16th January

Parents' Second Meeting Monday 17th January (7.30 pm - 8.30 pm)

Children's First Reconciliation Service Saturday 29th January
St Richard's Church 11 am in the Church( - followed by Party Lunch in Lower Parish Rooms - organised by Catechists

Children's Fifth Meeting Saturday 12th February
Mass Sunday 13th February

Parents' Third Meeting Monday 14th February (7.30 pm - 8.30 pm)

Children's Sixth Meeting Saturday 12th March
Mass Sunday 13th March

Children's Seventh Meeting Saturday 2nd April

Mass Sunday 3rd April

* Children's Eighth Meeting Saturday 7th May
* Mass Sunday 8th May

* Parents' Fourth Meeting Monday 9th May

Children's Ninth Meeting Saturday 21st May
Mass Sunday 22nd May

Parents' Fifth Meeting Monday 23rd May (7.30 pm - 8.30 pm)

Rehearsal Saturday 18th June
Bosham Church/Chichester Parish Rooms 10.15 a.m:
a Parent to join Rehearsal at both venues at 11 a.m.

First Holy Communion Sunday 19th June

Our Lady of theAssumption Church 11.a.m.
St Richard's Church 11.30 a.m .
NOTE: followed by a Cake and refreshments.

Children's Tenth Meeting Saturday 25th June
Certificate Mass Sunday 26th June
St Richard's Church 11 a.m. as part of the family Mass on the School Field

If you or your child/children have any difficulties attending on any of the above dates please contact the Parish Office (01243) 782343 or speak to your child's catechist (name to be confirmed at first meeting)