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Parish Pastoral Team

Minutes of meeting of the Parish Coordinating Group, 2 October 2007

Present : Fr. Kieron OíBrien Ė chair

Fr Royston Pegley, Geoff Breeze, Finola Brennan, Marion Coombes-Shrubb, Susan Line, Dot Leaver, Brian Pointer

Rebecca Sleven Ė minutes secretary



1. Prayer & welcome

2. Terms of reference

To agree draft terms of reference & role description for secretary. The terms of reference proposed by Fr Kieron were read and agreed.

3. Publicity

Fr Kieron outlined the necessity of publicising the aims, actions and membership of the Parish Coordinating Group. It was agreed that minutes should be available in all three Church porches and on the parish website, with a notice in the Parish Newsletter to direct people to them. Rebecca will provide minutes for publication.

Action: Rebecca

Eventually, photographs of PCG members will be displayed in porches and a colour flyer giving further details of discussions and action taken by the PCG may be produced once a term or once a quarter.

It was agreed that the format of the Newsletter should, in the longer term, be altered to integrate information from the different Churches.

4. Parish census

Fr Kieron outlined the need for a new census of the Parish.

The need to harmonise the census forms from Chichester/Bosham and St Peterís and to re-examine the questions asked to ensure that all appropriate information is gathered. Geoff Breeze will work with David Field and Jean French on the census forms and the database software that should be used and will report back to the next meeting. Geoff will also look into getting a copy of St Peterís latest census for the Parish office in Chichester.

Action: Geoff

5. Preparing for Selsey

Fr Kieron outlined the current situation of the Selsey Parish and the likelihood that it will shortly come under the pastoral care of Chichester. He expressed a wish that representatives from Selsey join the PCG as soon as practically possible so that the aim of amalgamating the different communities can be worked towards.

Potential Sunday mass times that would allow for the four Churches to be served by only two priests were discussed.

6. Christmas social

Father Kieron suggested that the Presbytery is too small for the usual Christmas social and proposed holding this in St Peterís hall, so that numbers can be increased. Agreed. Geoff and Dot will check available dates and Dot will coordinate the Social. 17th or 19th December proposed.

Action: Geoff and Dot

7. Date setting

Future meetings will be held at 7.30 on 27 November 2007 - Bosham

22 January 2008 - St Peterís

26 February 2008 - St Richardís

1 April 2008 - Bosham

6 May 2008 - St Peterís

17 June 2008 - St Richardís

15 July 2008 - Bosham

8. A.O.B.

New Yearís Social was proposed and will be investigated.

Action: Marion