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Tribute and Farewell to Sister Fidelis

Diana has said farewell to one of her staunchest supporters, Sister Fidelis, who our readers will remember has appeared in many of our Mercy House features. Diana writes of her first meeting and acclaims the help she has received:

"I was attending a First Communion celebration in Malvern in October 2000 when a very small, elderly nun came up to me and asked about Mercy House. She asked if and how she could help. Looking at her age and assuming she would have no transport, I wondered how she would be in a position to do so, since having no wheels would be an insurmountable obstacle... I did not realise what a whirlwind was hitting my life just then and that I was embarking on a relationship with a giant personality:
the feisty, fearless FLYING NUN!

Our beloved Sister Fidelis, faithful as the mountains, which her name indicates, has worked with tremendous dedication for Mercy House for 10 years and celebrated her 60th anniversary as a nun.

Her tireless and selfless dedication are truly something to marvel at. She procured a blue car, which one would see whizzing down the street, at a good speed, usually laden with goods for our refugees. Sister also proved to be such a faithful friend, and quite a good disciplinarian amongst our young residents...

At an art exhibition some years ago, I saw a beautiful modern-style stone carving of an angel. I immediately bought it and placed it on a prominent wall in the Mercy House Garden, with the following inscription: The Faithful Angel
who keeps constant watch.
Erected as a tribute to Sister Fidelis for her tireless commitment to Mercy House.

We did not at the time anticipate that she would be leaving us on transfer on the 4th March 2011, but the angel will remain there in memory of her great love. Thank you Sister, we will miss you very much.

Tribute from Diana Beamish