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Another success for the Mercy House Sale 2010

The Christmas Sale to help sustain Mercy House responded to Diana's message "Light a Candle for Africa, and help get children into school!"

The Parish rooms were laid out with the annual attractive array of goods, seasonal gifts, playthings. The helpers ready for early buyers when the doors opened at two oclock.

The mix included the sure-fire fund raisers; raffles, with a wine tombola, and the KSC weighed in with Christmas spirits.

Upstairs, delights awaited children and readers.

Despite gloomy autumn skies, parishioners flocked in, including a first visit from Paul Andrewartha and fiancee Emily, everyone conscious that their generosity this year was anxiously awaited.

The team's efforts this year were again well rewarded. Buyers and donors contributed more than 2,039.63 with about 150 more in pre sales and some to come from goods on ebay! We asked Penny "How did this all start? "Back in 1982 we held a Parish Garden Fete in the school field, with a sale to raise funds for the parish development fund, and had some goods over. So we held another sale in the School Hall... and it became an annual event here, and there were similar sales at our other churches." These days, Mick and Penny give their loft over to building up supplies during the year - Penny attends good sales to acquire stock, and there are donations, liquid and solid. And, of course generous buyers hopefully for many years to come.