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Thanks from Diana, Mercy House

Dear Father, Julia, Mick and Penny, Judy and Gerald and all who helped with the Christmas Fair.

Wow, it came just on time. Your grand total converted into as much as R16593.60 It was so perfectly well timed!! I do believe that that is the highest we have got from the Xmas market so far, although of course I do know that extras are added by our very kind Father Kieron and other benefactors. Well, you have done yourselves very proud. Thanks a million.

The photo shows you some of the joy you have given through this. The picture shows 3 of our orphans, Manasse (Rwandese who has just finished his B.Ed thanks to St Richards) then our school boys, Shadadi in the middle and John, an orphan from the Democratic Republic of Congo on the left. They all had a chance to go to Cape Town for the Xmas holidays: Manasse to a mission station through a student friend, and the two young boys to stay with the uncle we discovered in Cape Town: "Uncle Theo". The accommodation is free but the transport there is certainly not. We also had to give them some pocket money. Well, they left this past Wednesday and your money came just in time as our bank balance was pretty low. The boys left by train and got there safely yesterday I am told. A fourth orphan will go down to Cape Town on the 15th, and he too has benefitted by your donating his transport, his name fittingly being "Donation"! The photo was taken just as we were to leave for the station and spirits were high. Uncle Theo lives right beside the sea, so that will be a lovely holiday for the boys. On their behalf, thank you so much.

I have also already deposited into a school account money for text and stationery for next year for Kenny and Tuse, two brothers who live with their mom, who is very critically in need all the time.... With the end of the year reports the schools send out the stationery lists and monies required for texts and stationery, which put together could make anyone cringe! (At least you have taken that anxiety off my shoulders!).

Already I have received that account for Jacinto, our Angloan orphan. His alone comes to R850.00 - so I do not need to say more as regards how your money will be spent: when it comes to school uniforms and books, the totals are quite horrific. Thank you St Richards. I'm just so glad that I could send you this photo of our boys going on their holiday: they were so happy. I can never quite get over the fact that, in His wisdom, our Heavenly Father has organised it that, from so very far away, you are able to do something so practical in Africa - South!!

So that is our thank you and we pray that all your wonderful hard work will be rewarded in this holy season: have a fruitful Advent and a joyful celebration of the birth of our Infant King. I shall CERTAINLY remember you all as I kneel beside the crib on Christmas eve.

Thanks a million to each and every one of you.