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Come to lunch for Mercy House- 9 August!

Most of St Richardís regular congregation will know about Mercy House, home for refugees in South Africa, and the wonderful work of Diana Beamish who devotes her life to this cause.

You will probably remember Kaskil whom we sponsored to complete his training as a nurse several years ago: he duly qualified and now has a family.

Diana has written to tell us of a young man, Jean Paul from Rwanda, who is a House Committee member at Mercy House. His lifelong ambition was to be a Priest but because of his life being in turmoil due to genocide, he was unable to fulfil his dream. However, he decided he also would like to train to be a nurse.

He has already completed a six months home nursing course and is working as a night nurse to raise funds for his transport costs (about R600 per month).

His fees actually cost R15,000 for each of the three years - Mercy House has offered to contribute R5,000. Jean Paul has to pay extra for uniform, books and tuition fees which comes to approximately R5,000 - in the region of £360.

That's a relatively small sum for us to raise at St Richardís, but a life-changing amount for Jean Paul!

Diana sent us a picture today and comments: "It's great news. John Paul is a very devout Catholic and his mom named him after the last Holy Father! He is one of our leaders, an extremely fine and solid young man, who actually wanted to be a priest, however he has now set his heart on the nursing and I hope that it all works out. Here he is with Lady: he adores her and is her minder. She is a very very precious little lost dog that we got from the SPCA".

"We're lucky to have good people supporting our young refugees. Here is our beloved Sr Fidelis who zooms around like a youngster, doing the most amazing amount of things for Mercy House, including loading up and delivering food on regular basis from her friends in the various respective shops - meat, bread, vegetables and so on! She also keeps a vigilant eye on cleanliness in the house and attends to innumerable refugees who live outside our house as well. She is much loved by all. Today, 27.7 is her 80th birthday and we shall celebrate it on Sunday 5 August. She is an invaluable and irrereplaceable member of our Mercy team".

To try and help Jean Paul, there will be a fund raising ploughmanís lunch (but MUCH better than you have ever had before!) at The Finnís house, 5 Laburnum Grove, Chichester. 01243 783988.

We warn you, we will have a raffle, bring and buy etc., and all the usual means of separating you from your money!!!!

If you can manage it, we need you to bring something for a bring and buy and possibly - another big ask - a bottle for the tombola! BUT Most of all though we need YOU.

Please, please come along and support us and help us to help Jean Paul.

Penny and Mick Finn

Please make a note: Thursday 9 August 2007. 12 noon at 5 Laburnum Grove, Chichester.

We will report the extent of your generosity - as before! Donations can also be sent to the Parish Office.