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The sun shines for our Mercy House summer lunch 7th August 2009!

The annual invitation is irresistible; Mick and Penny's promise is always kept: "Super ploughmanís with delicious puds!" And more than sixty supporters enjoyed the garden setting in lively conversation with old friends and new. And swelling the funds with purchases of tickets and articles.

This year Penny and Mick were responding to Diana's latest wish to provide funds for new orphans of the genocide: Safari and Moise. Safari, the elder, hopes to study next year for his 3 year degree in IT - he should become another professional leader in his society, a hallmark of Mercy House's successes. The younger Moise is already at school . Diana quotes their own words "Now we can experience what it is to be human again!"

The guests included our summer visitor, Fr Andre Le Coeur, senior parishioners (one lady is enjoying life at 96) and Fr Kieron with Hon Treasurer Gerry Farrell, and Teresa.

Mick and Penny have another objective to help Diana. She needs a spare room and wc to avoid driving when working late at night, from the bungalow to her home, through Jo'burg's unsafe streets, and to put up occasional visitors. The takings from this lunch and the Christmas Sale will be combined to help both causes.

"The day's donations alone raised 700 pounds - more to come. Penny and Mick send this message to their supporters: "A huge thank you to everyone who came along and supported us on the day. How incredibly lucky we were too with the weather. We think there is an adage about the sun shining on the righteous".

We had in excess of 60 people enjoying lunch and the day as a whole and, amazingly, we took over £700 and donations are still coming in. Remember our slogan Ė itís never too late to donate!!!!!

The money will be sent as soon as possible directly to Diana so we hope the wheels can be set in motion for the realisation of her dream. A little bolt-on office/bedroom at Mercy House.

More information on this and a final figure, when we have it. For the present though, another enormous thank you to St Richardís parishioners for their overwhelming generosity Ė again!"

Photography - Chris Dwyer