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Easter News from Mercy House April '07

Dear friends:

You are going to be exceedingly proud to hear the latest news and really see the fruits of your labours for us in the attached photograph. This past weekend (last weekend of March), Father John of the Combonis travelled down with myself and Manasse (left in photo) to his former college in Kwazulu Natal for his graduation.

It was a splendid occasion and the end of a long road for Manasse, not only of suffering as a result of the genocide, but also very hard study: he arrived - ( he's on the right, seen last year with Shadadi and John from DRC.)

It was St Richards money that we used to pay for his studies, and even then we got a bursary to pay only one quarter of the fees from Kwasizabantu college. In all we spent around R25 000.00 on this 4 year degree but it was worth it. Thank you to St Richards and please note your great achievement from afar. Without your support these things would not be possible.

Beside Manasse from Rwanda is Leonard, a young Sudanese, who was in the same year with Manasse and he was sponsored by the Comboni Missionaries - that is why Father John also came down for the graduation. I also took this photo of a zebra which was one of many that the college in KZN have now incorporated onto their huge estate.

The zebras came over to the fence to greet us as Father John and walked by. At the college they also grow forests of avocada trees, bottle fresh spring water, breed poultry for marketing, keep pigs etc etc etc. Truly an amazing project, which of course includes a junior and senior school and the B.Ed teachers' college. So much for that.

We would like to wish you and all our supporters a very happy and richly blessed Easter. We shall have our usual Easter lunch and Easter egg hunt for the children. We know that it will be good fun.

Bearing you in our prayers and many many thanks.

From Diana