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Let's Help Felix!"

Although Sudanese people hope that the latest peace agreement may end years of brutalised war, there are many refugees seeking a safe haven elsewhere - including some of the brightest minds needed so much in deprived African communities. This is a short version of one refugee's heroic odyssey:

Felix is the fortunate survivor of a family massacre which, in 1995, left him as a seven year old orphan. His murdered father supported the Sudanese People's Liberation army, but Felix survived and found patrons in Uganda who sent him to school where he took O levels, and went on to prepare for University. But his family's enemies still threatened him and he fled to South Africa. At 20, he had raised enough money to enrol at University, but was robbed of all his savings. Felix has found safety at Mercy House, where, now 23, he has enrolled first year at the University for a 4 year degree in Bio-Medical technology, and hopes to rebuild his life in South Africa. But he needs to raise money for his fees.

So, St Richard's parishioners are asked to help.

On August 12th Mick and Penny again hold open house for a splendid fund raising ploughman's lunch (even better than last year's), as they did for John Paul (a trainee Nurse) and Shadadi (a scholar) - all potential leaders in their communities. Entry is 6 (and a bottle for the tombola would be welcome). Penny makes no bones about their aims - to persuade you to donate! From noon at 5 Laburnum road. Maybe the peace in Sudan may eventually allow refugees to return - there will be much to do.