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Mercy House - Diana is thrilled by their new website

For last report about St Richard's parish support , see fourth item on index -"Christmas Thanks from Mercy House.

From Mercy House, the director, Diana Beamish has sent us regular updates of their remarkable progress; these are set out in reverse chronological order, latest first, some going back to 2004. These are accounts of help for war refugees, mainly young people, who have been guided into skilled or professional work. In all, a graphic and moving narrative of faith and achievement supported by parishioners at St Richard's. The illustrations are taken at Parish events in UK, and, in Africa, by Diana.

Diana now writes:

"Dear Friends"
"Just to tell you that we have updated our website with great news, and news that is, from some points of view, sad: like life! It was always my dream from the start to have a Mercy network that spanned oceans and continents, and I begin to think that this dream may even come true!!"

Diana thanks Emmanuel, a media student who first set up their website, and has now gone to work in the film industry at Durban - great progress, and Diana says he will visit MH every fortnight.
Emmanuel has now celebrated his wedding to Natalie; the priest who assisted is Diana's Godson, Fr Simon. We hope to show more photos shortly.

Diana acknowledges help from the many friends and sponsors who made the revised website possible.

It is a beatifully crafted record of daily life at the Centre, recording progress and sometimes sad farewells.
On our website, we at St Richard's, Our Lady's and St Peter's will continue to record our efforts to add to Diana's funding, sustaining her brilliant achievement in a difficult mission area.

To read the new site, click on this link Mercy House website It may take a few seconds to come up

"Thank you everyone for your tremendous backup and support."