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Thanks, New Centre Blessing, and Birthdays at Mercy House


Diana sends her thanks for the generous donation to help Jean Paul, raised at the Mercy House lunch on 21st August.

Penny reports: " A huge enormous THANK YOU to everyone who supported our lunch. By helping,by donating goods and by coming along to spend money. The sun shone (what it is to have friends in High places!) and about 50 people joined us.

The final count up, which includes some very generous donations, was rounded up to £1000 and Fr Kieron has made that amount up to £1200 which was the figure we were aiming for to pay all John Paul's expenses for the year. A brilliant effort. St Richardís is a truly generous parish.

The success was well timed as Penny and Mick celebrated their Ruby wedding on 7th September.

Diana replies: - Thanks to all parishioners who support the luncheon held recently by Mick and Penny . Your loyalty to our cause and our lovely young people is greatly appreciated and of course a special thank you to Mick, Penny and their team.

Diana reports on the Blessing of their new Centre :

The picture shows Father John, Sister Fidelis and Richard, one of our house leaders, on the occasion of the blessing of our new recreation centre and the erection of the statue of Our Lady. The beautiful statue does have a history. Sister Fidelis has an admirable hobby of repairing old broken statues and she found this statue of Our Lady, broken and cast aside, in a storeroom at one of the schools owned by her congreGation. In fact Our Lady had no hands. She recreated the hands and restored this statue to its present beauty. Not knowing that any of this had taken place, I told her of my wish to erect a statue at the centre of the back wall of our new recreation centre - and infact I even made the builders erect a pillar for it. When the builder asked how high I replied : "As high as your ear ring!" That was a joke, but the man was wearing an ear ring and they did erect it that high. Abra cadabra, the statue was there and and just just fitted in, heightwise. We used the history of the statue to remind all that our hands need to be giving mercy and doing God's work in this world. The statue was blessed on the same date as the centre, by Father John, on Sunday 20th July.

Birthday celebrations with a touch of fun :
On Sunday 27 July we celebrated two birthdays:

Sister turned 81 and Richard turned 22! We made each one blow as mamy bubbles as years they had notched up. Fortunately it was not difficult as the soapy water was very obliging and many flowed out with each blow. In the background on the left is Father John and on the right, is Peter Holding , one of our committee members.

With love, Diana Beamish. September 2008