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Great News at Easter '06 from Mercy House

A Wedding with a former refugee

"Dear Friends"

Some of our readers may be familiar with the story of Wilson who was abducted from a Sudan street and forced to be a child soldier from the early age of 11. (Read his amazing story in Mercy House and its work). His family had to flee from their home, so even though he escaped from the army several times and looked for them, they were nowhere to be found and he never heard of them for 14 years, until in 2003, when he learned that his mother was alive and in the refugee camp in Uganda. After months of trying, he managed to get someone to take her from the camp to Kampala, where he could reach her by phone. His whole life changed that day in 2003 when he was able to speak to his mom for the first time in so many years. As he had work in Johannesburg, he had been saving up money and last November (2005) actually travelled up to meet his family for the first time in 16 years: some of the children having been born even since he left. It was a very great day in the refugee camp: crowds gathered to celebrate the return of the lost son, they even slaughtered a goat for the occasion! At that time Wilson met the young lady whom he wished to be his wife. Fortunately he had enough savings left to pay the lobola and get her down to S.Africa when he returned at the end of 2005. This past Easter Friday, 21 April 2006, the big day took place, though sadly neither of their families could even know, as there is no way to communicate with them in the refugee camp. Mercy House did however celebrate with them and on Sunday 23rd April, we had a wedding celebration at Mercy House, the beautiful cake having been donated by Ms Tisch Holding, one of our most faithful supporters.

Wilson, Sabina, his bride and David, his best man, are pictured on their way to the wedding service.

Sabina stands outside the church after the Service

They enjoyed a beautiful wedding cake.

It was a day of great joy and celebration in the history of Mercy House and for Wilson himself, who came to us as a broken young man 6 years ago and now stands amongst us truly healed and whole: this is the whole reason for our existence. We wish them joy.

New helpers

Anna Koblanck, a Swedish journalist joined in the wedding celebration. She is very happy to have found her way to Mercy House and wishes to publish material about us in Sweden, even write a book about Mercy House if it works out. She is already busy helping us in several ways, in addition to interviewing individuals.

Bernard, shown with Sister Fidelis, is our new team member. He has very efficiently taken over all maintenance issues: the person for whom we have prayed for many years. He is already putting up cupboards and his next job is a garden shed, which will be funded through Art and Mary Lou Thivierge in the United States who once visited us and have remained in touch and supportive ever since.

Our youngest resident and great favourite, Moses, is with Diana.

Our English team member is Susan, who lives in Johannesburg, with Eddie, our house leader, on her right, and our young DRC orphan, John, on the left.

It was a very joyful celebration at Mercy House. We had a luncheon, followed by an afternoon of fun, which included an Easter hunt for the children. 100 Easter eggs were donated by the Rosebank Union Church, which provided much joy to the younger generation.

Our good wishes to Father Kieron, Julia and all at St Richards - and many thanks for your continued support which in fact keeps us alive. May the joy of the Risen Lord, reflected also on the faces of our children at the park, be with you and reward you for all that you have done for us. Every good wish. Diana