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A Brighter Christmas for Mivumoni

Father Joe Kengah returned to Mivumoni after a summer spent as relief priest partly at St Richardís parish and at Hemel Hempstead. He thanked the congregation at St Richardís, Our Lady of the Assumption and St Peterís, greeting many long-standing friends.

Mission supporters at Our Lady of the Assumption again held their bring and buy sale, which, with additional donations including those from St Peterís and St Richardís, meant that no less than £3,742 was sent to Mivumoni. Fr Joe can expand his remarkable epilepsy clinic. He told us he now had more than 80 patients. Their expensive medications can now be subsidised.

His stay at Bosham renewed his links with Winnie Walls and Claire and the family.

A neighbouring church, St Peterís at Hove, is supporting another initiative by Fr Joe. This involves purchasing Swiss goats and sending breeding groups (1 male, 9 females) to families in Kenya where the animals produce offspring and milk.

Fr Joeís eight churches continue to make progress and he showed Patrick Reeve of St Peterís (Hove) all the buildings, using the vehicle purchased by supporters at Bosham.

Many of his supporters and patients alike in Kenya will benefit greatly from the continuing generosity of our congregations.