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Chichester K S C

Serve God by serving others

Chichester Council meet at 8.00 pm on the third monday of every month in the lower parish rooms at St Richard's church Chichester. 

Knights refer to each other as ‘Brother’ and are united by the objects of membership. The KSC is a Family Organisation, dedicated to The Holy Family. It is firmly committed to the protection of human life, from conception to natural death, and to the preservation and defence of the family.

From the Order's earliest days it has focused on the family unit; by supporting family life through the provision of fraternal benefits, communicating with our young people and social participation. Promotion of family values is an integral part of the Knight's activities, as can be seen by the many action programmes.

Not only do Knights work hard in achieving the Order's fundamental goals but the majority of Councils have a varied programme of social activities in which families and friends are involved.

Enquiries are welcomed from Catholic men considering entry to the Order, either by contacting Grand Knight Ray Webb direct on 01243 788803 or by e-mail at

More detailed information is available at the Knights of St Columba website