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Holy Week Easter Mass times 2013

Please note that these times are subject to change. If you need exact timings for Masses in the coming week, consult the bulletins page.

Mass in the Polish language: Fr Antoni Prosowicz celebrates Mass in Polish at 12 noon. at St Richard's church on Sundays, Zapraszamy serdecznie na Msze w jezyku polskim w Chichester, w kazda niedziele o godzinie 12.00 ks.


St Richard's

Our Lady of the 
Assumption Bosham

St Peter's
East Wittering

Palm (Passion) Sunday
Sunday 24th March
Commemoration of the Lord's entrance
into Jersalem
Procession and Mass
beginning on grass
outside main doors
at 6pm (Saturday)
Outside if fine
(Joint procession 
with Holy Trinity)
At the Marian Shrine
Masses during
Holy Week
In the of for what is for many, just another working week, we are challenged as Christians to live these few days in a manner which will allow Holy Week to live up to is name. We start with Palm Sunday when the mood of the liturgy changes dramatically from the celebratory atmosphere of the triumphal entry into Jersalem to the solemn and thought-provoking reading of the Passion. The hymns of praise and palm-waving give way to the contemplation of suffering and death...but as the events of the week unfold, we gradually discover anew that it is n ot a death without hope.
Monday 25th March 08.00am
Tuesday 26th March 08.00am 10.00am  
27th March

The Chrism Mass
Arundel Cathedral
What we do from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday
The Paschal Triduum

Holy Thursday marks the end of Lent and beginning of the most sacred three days of our calendar. The liturgical celebration stretches from Holy Thursday night until very late on Holy Saturday Night like a seamless robe. Effectively all this time constitutes one continuous ritual and we are invited not just to be in church at the appointed times but also to give the inbetween times a special quaility. Adults in the community are invited to plan ahead so that the whole time from Thursday night until the Easter Vigil can be free of social engagements and even work - if it is possible. On Good Friday we fast from temporal food and we also fast spiritually from Thursday night until the Vigil, as during this time the sacraments are not celebrated.

Whether young or old, currently active in the parish or not, please set these days aside. All of us should know that our presence at the liturgies is not just by invitation. We are all needed here. All of us need this whole community (from our three churches) to come toghther on its greatest days.

Holy Thursday
This evening, after listening to the scriptures we do something very strange: we wash feet. This is not play-acting or even an enactment of the Gospel. It is more important than that. Some of us go down on our knees with pitchers of water, basins and towels. Jesus gave us this image of what the church is supposed to look like, feel like, act like. This is rehearsal for Christian life. Later we celebrate ther Eucharist, but the evening has no ending: whether we stay to pray awhile or leave, we have embarked on a journey which will take us to the cross and beyond. This journey is the very beginning of eternity.
Holy Thursday
Thursday 28th March

The Holy Thursday collection
is for the poor

ALL Extraordinary Ministers
of the Eucharist

will renew their commitment
to their ministry
Evening Mass 
of the Lord's Supper
followed by the watch until midnight
Evening Mass 
of the Lord's Supper followed by the watch
until midnight
Good Friday
We gather quietly on Friday afternoon with ceremony but no glory. we listen to scripture and then pray at some length for the needs of the church and the world. Then another once-a-year event. The Holy Cross is held aloft and we come forward one by one to venerate in our own way: a genuflection, a bow or a simple kiss. It is the cross we honour today, not the figure of Jesus. It is the wood of the cross which symbolises our redemption. The Eucharist is not celebrated today and conforming to early Church practice, we will not be receiving Holy Communion on this occasion. We fast from the presence of Christ to prepare for oue Easter Communion in the joy of Resurrection. Holy Communion is reserved however, for those who are sick. As our fast and prayer continues after we leave church, there is no blessing or dismissal.
Good Friday
Friday 29th March

The Good Friday collection
is for the upkeep of the
Holy Places
Ecumenical Event at the Cross
11.00am - 12 noon
featuring the new Community Rock Choir Children's Liturgy

The Liturgy of the Lord's Passion (with Children's Liturgy)
Procession of Witness 
and Stations of the Cross.
Starting at St Nicholas Church Hall,
Brooks Lane, Bosham
and calling at our Lady's Church in Bosham and finishing at Holy Trinity at noon.
Walk of Witness, meet at health centre at 

The Liturgy of the Lord's Passion
Holy Saturday Night
This is the night of nights! This is the very kernel of our faith, only the most urgent or pressing of personal needs should keep us away. If we do not yearn to be here, what is our faith worth to us? Hungry and excited the Church gathers in the darkness and lights a new fire and a great candle that will make this night bright again for us. We listen to some of the most powerful scriptures in the bible, then we pray for all the saints to stand with us as we go the font to bless the Easter water. We renew our baptismal promises, our catechumens are baptised, our candidates are received and confirmed and together we go to the table to celebrate the Easter Eucharist. Easter Sunday begins and we are ready for fifty days of rejoicing.
Holy Saturday
Saturday 30th March

The Solemn Vigil of the Resurrection

Gather in the Church before lighting of the Easter Fire outside on the grass

Light refreshments will be served after Mass in the parish rooms

Easter Sunday
Sunday 31st March
The Resurrection of
Our Lord Jesus Christ
8.30am Mass
10.00am Mass
11.00am Mass 9.00am Mass
The collections taken at Masses on Easter day are your personal gift to the priests.
This custom arises from the fact that, in this country, priests receive no salary.
Your generosity goes a long way towards providing their income.
Father Paul Turner and Father Andrew Moss
wish you a Happy and Joyful Easter

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