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Chichester Catenians

Strengthening family life through friendship and faith

Chichester Circle meet at 7.15 pm on the second Tuesday of every month at the Chichester Park Hotel, Madgwick Lane, Westhampnett Road, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 7QL. Meetings conclude with dinner at the Hotel (£15 per head). 

Catenians refer to each other as ‘Brother’ and are united by the objects of membership. These are primarily to encourage members and their families to meet socially, but the bond of brotherhood is more than merely a benign interest in other members. They are proudly Catholic and non-political. Brothers are expected to be charitable in judgement, forbearing-in temper and slow to condemn. A Brother is, if husband, loving and trustworthy; if father mindful of the moral and material well being of his children and dependants; as a son, dutiful and considerate; and as a friend, steadfast and true. By such qualities Brothers add to the dignity of the brotherhood and make manifest the ideals of the association.

Chichester Catenians - A Brief History

Enquiries are welcomed from Catholic men considering entry to the Association, either by contacting the Membership Officer, Denis Glampson, direct on 01730 815008 or by e-mail at

More detailed information is available at the Catenian Association website