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A New Style Parish Open Evening 2010

St Richard's parish takes pride in the number and vigour of its organisations, which are normally shown together only in the parish directory.

The September gathering produced a live display of no less than 32 parish groups, there to attract and perhaps recruit new parishioners. St Richard's school hall had space for the array of tables and even wifii for the parish website.

Father Kieron introduced Paul Andrewartha, whose title will be Youthwork Coordinator. "To begin with, Paul will be auditing all that is going on (or not!) for young people in the parish and identifying priority areas, one of these will certainly be the post-confirmation age group."

The couple met group members and friends including Fr Joe Kengah, with two volunteers hoping to join him in Mivumoni later in the year.

Support for Mercy House was boosted by an extra donation from pupils at Prebendal school, organised by Joe Finn, backing up Mick, Penny, (Joe's grandmother) Judy and many contributors this autumn.

Fr Alexander spoke for the Altar Servers' Guild of St Stephen, Jed and Sheila for Hospital visitors

Newly returned from the successful parish pilgrimage to Northumberland, Maria and the event team looked forward to the St Richard's trail, and represented the Visiting and Support Group

SPUC enjoys our total support, and, happily a young parishioner joined the throng.

Martin and Mary were there for the Baptism catechists, and assist our young people in formative years.

the KSC and Catenians are well supported and contribute much to parish life

Our Lady's team at Bosham hope soon to enjoy their new extension, and the Bosham Bounce goes well.

The Amblers are right up to date with healthy walking and good company.

Pat reminded us of the brilliant weekly floral arrangements, and Mick of the Building committee kept us refreshed.

The Bible School is a steadfast supporter of church teaching

Michael of the website team logged on live to the record of parish achievements running since 2003 and needing some new team members. The site is under the Parish Safeguarding eye of Richard Flaxbeard.

There were many others, all networking with neighbouring groups.

Father Kieron took stock of the evening: "I was delighted to see the Parish organisations and those responsible for programs and ministries, so well represented. However it was disappointing that the event failed to attract very many “non-aligned” parishioners, in other words, those who would have benefited most from seeing all that is going on. Nevertheless, the evening was very well received and enjoyed by those who participated and will be worth repeating in some form. Any comments about the timing or venue or ideas for the future would be welcomed."