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KSC events – a retreat and a parish quiz night

A day of retreat and contemplation organised by the KSC in Chichester at the Catholic Bible School was a successful innovation.

Father Thomas reviewed the work of Pope John Paul II – and members of the group recalled their experiences when he made his spectacular visit to Britain.

The Knights (headed by Ray Webb, on left) plan similar events.

The retreat was followed a week later by an evening of entertainment. For the first time, the KSC staged a parish quiz night at St Richard’s - they successfully pioneered this event at St Peter’s. The strong Wittering teams played the home sides in Chichester, led by Ray Webb, the KSC new Grand Knight. The evening brought parishioners from different activity groups together.

Geoffrey Breeze set the questions – then doubled as Magnus Magnusson (or Torquemada) for eight gruelling rounds.

This group from St Richard’s was named "Rose and Thorns".

"The Wittering Tryers"

"Bosham Belles"

At half time Ray produced the fish suppers and seasoning.

Fr Thomas joined the Bosham Belles.

Geoffrey announced the results – a stunning win for the Wittering PMSN.

The Tryers were next, Rose and Thorns, Bosham Belles (assisted p.t. by Fr Thomas).

A raffle and good management yielded £51.36 for the KSC charities.

The brainteasers included the following: try and see how you fare. (Quiz contestants not eligible!)

  1. The depiction of the Mad Hatter in "Alice in wonderland" reflected a poisoning of 19th century hatmakers from what?
  2. Who writes the "Discwork" novels?
  3. What does MG in the car brand stand for?
  4. Which is most visited paying monument in the world that recorded, in Dec. 2003, its 200 millionth visitor?

(Send your answers by email to the parish office before May 15th – a prize for the winner drawn at random.)

Keep an eye on the bulletin for the dates of future quizzes.

Who are the Knights?

The Knights of St Columba carry out good works unobtrusively in the parish. They belong to a modern order of Catholic men set up over a hundred years ago. The title was granted and recognized by the Holy See. Knights support the mission of the Church, propagate the faith and give full support to our priests. Our Bishop Kieran is a member of honour and is enthusiastic about our work.

Bishop Kieran with Geoffrey Breeze, who in 2001 was the Provincial Grand Knight of Sussex

What do the Knights do?

Nationally, the 8000 knights work for the betterment of the community at large. When asked, they are willing to help out at hospitals, hospices for the terminally ill, respite homes for the elderly and infirmed and refuges for the homeless and disadvantaged in society. They have been active in the fight against substance abuse, by producing and distributing awareness literature to parents; for justice and peace many early groups were drawn from the Knights councils; and for the various right to life groups. They support other Catholic organisations by fund raising for international projects.

The Knights can offer a variety of activities for young people, including local and national competitions in football, netball, public speaking and a general knowledge quizzes.

Work in our parish

In our parish, the knights look after the repository and catholic newspapers, and generally help with our events. Knights also help to steward the annual confirmation ceremonies held at Arundel Cathedral and Worth Abbey. Both the Friends of Arundel Cathedral and the Knights of St Columba jointly organize the annual St Philip Howard mass held every October. Every year, John Edwards and Geoff Breeze, both from St Peter’s in the Witterings, help the organisers of the mass for the feast of Corpus Christi and the procession afterwards to Arundel Castle for benediction. This year our own Corpus Christi procession will be more extensive than in previous years.

Fund raising remains a core activity and Chichester KSC has a good track record in supporting national, international and local charities. The appeal by the Knights raised £686 in the Chichester parish of St Richard’s including Bosham, and a further £419 in the parish of St Peter’s in the Witterings - a total of £1105 for the local St Wilfrid’s Hospice appeal.

The number of knights has fallen in recent years. The new Grand Knight for Chichester, Ray Webb, is looking for some younger members to join the team and widen their help for the community.