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In memoriam - Deacon David Boyd RIP

Deacon David Boyd's funeral Mass was held in Glasgow on Friday 6th June. Fr Kieron joined the congregation of family, friends and colleagues.

"David's 16 years of ministry in this Parish as a layman and as a Deacon has been pretty formidable: since his ordination to the Deaconate in 1988.

David has seen off nine curates, four parish priests and one deacon. Over the years it has been David that parishioners have looked to for stability, continuity and good humoured, no messin, common sense advice".

Much of David's work has been achieved quietly and unobtrusively. Many of us will have benefited from his thoughtful homilies formed by a sound knowledge of the scriptures and honed by the experience of a husband, father and businessman, having worked in IBM managment before his ordination.

The parishioners were grateful for David's great pastoral gifts in visiting the sick both in their homes and in St. Richard's hospital.

David also steered, encouraged and guided the work of the Parish Welfare Group over many years. He was also chaplain to the UCM and a faithful supporter of the Wednesday Novena Group……"

"Our life journey entails many endings and beginnings. Endings are a time for reflection and giving thanks to God. Beginnings are a time to look forward in hope and expectation.

Farewell address to David and Mary, from Father Kieron O'Brien at the Mass in thanksgiving for the work of Deacon David and Mary Boyd, 14th February 2004. David and Mary moved to their new home in Largs, Strathclyde after 25 years in the parish. This is followed by David's response.

(read addresses in full from Deacon David's Farewell Mass here.)

I have just two last things to say: When I come before the Lord -

1. My hope is to die without unforgiveness in my heart. This is difficult to strive for, but not as difficult as its corollary, that no-one else dies with unforgiveness in their hearts because of me. So, if I have offended any one by something I have said or done, or left unsaid or undone, I ask you to forgive me.

2. Our prayer is that you continue to be a faith community of forgiveness and welcome and love, so as to be a sign, an encouragement to those for whom the world is hard from unforgiveness, and cold from lack of love.

May God bless you and your loved ones.

Deacon David Boyd - Rest in Peace