24 Hours for the Lord

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On 4 and 5 March, the Parish responded to Pope Francis' call for Catholics to spend 24 hours in adoration, praise and prayer.
Hundreds of people spent time in St Richard's Church over the 24 hours, which began and ended with Holy Mass.
People took part in silent adoration throughout the day and the night as well as parents' prayers in the morning, children's prayers in the afternoon,
Stations of the Cross led by the Men's Group and a Service of Praise and Worship on Friday evening.
And then breakfast on Saturday morning!
There were opportunities for Confession/Reconciliation and everyone was invited to light a candle at the 'Throne of Grace' and leave their own prayer intention on the prayer tree.
It was wonderful that a normally quiet church on a Friday was suddenly flooded with people of all ages with the desire to meet Jesus.

Photos courtesy of Martin, John and EP.