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Tour of Our Lady of the Assumption

In 1950 the Southwark travelling mission visited Bosham to celebrate Mass at irregular intervals in the village hall. A resident of the village left her cottage to be sold and the money used to buy land for the building of a church and presbytery. In 1951 an Irish priest acting as assistant in the parish suggested that local people should try to put a building on the site. It is recorded that a disused wooden church existed in Kent and after negotiation and fund raising this was purchased and erected by volunteers. Mass was celebrated for the first time on 28th December 1952.

The present chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption at Bosham was begun in the late 1960s. The parish priest of St Richardís was Canon Dermod Fogarty, who served from 1965. He told us: "I said Mass in the dilapidated wooden hut which was the Mass centre, in a field at Bosham. The building held only about forty people, and shook when you walked through it! The County Council urged us to demolish it, so that that they could develop the area for housing.

"We chose our chapel from an existing modern design, with the interior timbers already prefabricated. This enabled us to make a prompt start. Funds came from the St Richardís Football Pools which also built the presbytery at Cawley Road, the Catholic primary school and other chapel buildings in the area!"

The parish owned a piece of land, and carried out a deal with the developers which provided the present car park, leaving the chapel on the key corner.

The building was erected by a northern firm, and the hut sent to the school at Barnham. the Opening was on 28th May 1970 and was filmed by ms Eve Devenish Meares, this video, on dvd, is available for viewing, contact the Parish Office.

Bishop Cashman (first bishop of the new Arundel and Brighton Diocese, attended, with Bishop Langton Fox (formerly p.p. of St Richard's) and with a guard of honour of the KSC. Canon Dermod Fogarty PP St Richard's 1946 -1980 welcomed ecumenical guests from St Mary's and the Congregational chapel.

The sanctuary has been re-ordered by Fr Kieron in consultation with members of the Pastoral Planning Group from Bosham. "We have opened up the sanctuary and restored the simplicity of the brickwork as a background to the altar, giving emphasis to changing liturgical colours of the altar cloths and lectern."

A tabernacle is set on the upright of the crucifix, mounted on a plinth made by Brian Pointer. The Blessed Sacrament is now reserved at Bosham.

Contributions to the church came from parishioners. Two wall sculptures in bronze finish represent Joseph the Worker and Our Lady. They are the work of Sister Concordia of Minster Abbey. Stained glass from Nutbourne enhances the entrance.

The acoustics are excellent.

Our chapel formed a warm ecumenical relationship with Holy Trinity And St Nicholas C. of E. Church at Bosham and the former Congregational Chapel. This tradition remains strong in Bosham. They presented us with the crucifix hanging near the entrance. - Canon Dermod Fogarty

Today mature trees enhance the prominent setting for our chapel, well known to visitors to this historic maritime village