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The links between the Nutbourne community and parishioners at Our Lady of the Assumption were strengthened when the glass panels were brought from Nutbourne, together with the altar and other artefacts. One of the original donors was Dr John Cummins’ family. He reflects on the effect of this contribution to the new arrangements at Bosham.

(These extracts are from Dr Cummins' article on ‘Belonging, Giving - Stained glass Windows & other things)

"For most of my settled adult life, I have been lucky to belong to a church community which was special. It seemed bigger than the sum of its parts, enabling each person to greater spiritual endeavour than would have been achieved alone Communal worship complemented individual prayer. People gave time & effort on behalf of all, and spirits were uplifted. At times of personal sorrow, this was my great comfort & source of constant support. This was our Church at Nutbourne.

Not surprisingly, over the relatively short time of its existence, many people have marked their gratitude of belonging in that community with gifts to the chapel.

Now after some thought, some of these treasures are being given new life & the messages will continue to flow. Most prominent are the stained glass windows depicting four of the joyful mysteries, now installed in Bosham Church in felicitous fashion. Everyone seems to approve . Together with the altar from Nutbourne, they make a new focal point for worship. Perhaps they will stimulate further constructive action. Ah ! More on that later, firstly a brief history on these items.


...The first to arrive depicts the Nativity, to which the chapel was dedicated; it was situated in the south wall of the nave & the sun shone through the lovely red glass. This was a gift from Peter Comrie, in memory of his wife Madeline.


Next, the Maile family donated the Presentation, situated in the north wall of the nave at Nutbourne.

These two were put in during the 80s & then in 1988 at the silver jubilee of the chapel, the congregation presented the Annunciation, a stunning design in the south wall of the sanctuary – more streaming coloured sunshine!


We were prompted in this by Canon Collins who also released money donated earlier, for the Visitation, situated in the north wall of the sanctuary. Mrs Phil Weekes made this gift when she left our community. These three were given in thanksgiving and all were designed & executed by Majella Taylor".


Majella Taylor trained at Hammersmith College of Art. She was fascinated by the glass screen at the restored Coventry Cathedral and trained in stained glass design, carrying out national commissions. Majella is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Glaziers, and a Freeman of the City of London. She engraved a lamp for St Richard's Blessed Sacrament Chapel, and is preparing a booklet on the Loire Glass panels.


John Cummins continues:" My family donated the altar, made by Peter West at East Dean, from the heartwood of a huge walnut tree felled in our garden by the hurricane of October 1987.

There are other treasures looking for appropriate homes, gifts from among others, the Northover family, Mrs Sainsbury & Mrs Weekes. These include statues of Our Lady & the baby Jesus, St.Joseph, a crucifix of Christ Triumphant, a large beautiful Crucifix, the organ, antique chairs and four carved & gilded altar candle-sticks.


There have been offers to relieve us of some of these 'burdens' [pace, Fr. Jonathan!], but their message should not be deflected. They belong in our community, our Parish That may stimulate like-minded people to similar action. For instance, what about the fifth joyful mystery? Majella is willing to undertake this task to complete the set.

Perhaps the enlarged Bosham community will work together to enable the Spirit to continue on among us all. P.S. You do all know the fifth joyful mystery don't you???"

John Cummins.

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