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Bring and Buy Sale 2011

The successful Autumn bring and buy sale at Our Lady's had a fresh purpose this year - to help Father Joe, who's taken on a very large education project in his new parish near Mombasa. As ever, with the help of of the experieced volunteers and welcome evidence of our Youth groups the church was adapted into an appealing arcade.


The new lines helped bring in the remarkable total of almost 1,500 - "good going in hard times", said organiser Neil Brennan. "Our crafts did very well. Our home baking was also a winner and if we'd had a bit more we'd have done even better." Helpers please note for next time!


Loyal friends from Holy Trinity gave their support. Prizes from the Grand Draw went to Chichester, Fishbourne, and Bosham. When Bosham also completes the long awaited kitchen and amenity improvements, their events will be even more popular.


But Fr Joe can count on support for his urgent parochial needs, even if there's a delay in completing Bosham's works programme which will benefit the whole parish, but there's no let up with Fun.Com either. (Photos by Michael Oliver)